Fudgy Chocolate Cookies (Paleo, Grain Free)

Fudgey chocolate cookies, lake superior kitchen, grain free, paleo cookies, gluten free

My Christmas excitement level is the highest it’s been for the past few years.  Our kids are at really fun ages to absolutely embrace the magic of Christmas.  H & E made gingerbread cookies at school a few weeks ago and the cookies ran away!  Yesterday, the last day of school, the class lured the cookies back into the room with a gingerbread house and it worked!  The gingerbread cookies returned to be decorated.  According to E, she was so excited she could hardly control her body. :)  Every exciting touch we add to Christmas festivities right now is fully embraced and experienced.  They are counting down the days, singing and dancing, and, of course, asking about presents.  Their energy is contagious.  

Today we’re doing some holiday baking.  I have done a little here and there but, now that school break is here, I plan to destroy our kitchen with dirty pans, bowls, and sprinkles.  If you’ve encountered me before, you know I am careful about sugar consumption.  I absolutely loosen up this time of year, but I still like to have options around that are better for your belly.  These chocolate cookies are, as described, really fudgy and chocolatey and delicious.  You can buy or make paleo chocolate chips if you want this to be totally paleo.  The Whole Foods Coop almost always has chocolate chips on sale this time of year, so that’s where I get mine!  The refrigeration step is important.  Grain free baking can be tricky and this part helps keep the cookies in tact.  Enjoy!

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies

2-3 hours

makes 2 dozen cookies


3 eggs

5 T butter

1/2 c honey

2 T almond butter

1/4 t salt

3 T coconut flour

1/3 c cocoa powder

1/2 T baking soda

2 c almond flour

1/2 c chocolate chips


  1. Whisk eggs in medium bowl.

  2. Melt butter, let cool slightly, then whisk into the eggs.

  3. Whisk the honey and almond butter into the bowl.

  4. In a small separate bowl, combine the dry ingredients and stir together. (salt, coconut flour, baking soda, almond flour)

  5. Pour the dry mixture into the wet mixture and stir until combined.

  6. Add the chocolate chips and fold into batter

  7. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for 1-2 hours

  8. Heat the oven to 350 F

  9. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet and place small balls of cookie dough 2-3” apart on the sheet

  10. Bake for 12-15 minutes

  11. Let cool on cookie sheet

Fudgy Chocolate Cookies, Lake Superior Kitchen, Paleo cookies, grain free, no sugar, gluten free