Beet Pancakes

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Raise your hand if your kids have ever loved a type of food one day and despised it the next.  I see those hands. That is our story with beets.  When the twins were little they gobbled them up. Then they turned three and things changed. I hear that happens with kids. I'll try here and there to boost  their beet love but, so far, no luck .  Despite that, I get requests for beet pancakes constantly!  I love that they're getting the getting the great nutritional value of beets still. And with three whole beets in the recipe and minimal sweetness, I'm not masking the flavor of beets completely from them. So, hopefully, someday they'll be beet lovers again. 😊

Beet Pancakes

Overnight prep, serves 4-5


-3 roasted beets

-1 1/4 c milk (regular or non dairy) 

-1/3 c plain yogurt (sub applesauce for dairy free) 

-1 egg (or flax egg) 

-3 T butter, melted (sub coconut oil for dairy free)  plus some for frying

-1 t vanilla

-3 T honey

-1 T baking soda

-1 3/4 c spelt flour


1. Roast beets the night before for 1 hour at 400 F. Then they will be cool and easier to peel in the morning. 

2. Place beets and all wet ingredients in blender and puree until  smooth. 

3. Stir dry ingredients in medium bowl. Pour in beet mixture and stir until well combined. 

4. Heat butter or coconut oil on skillet and fry pancakes, flipping once. Serve with real maple syrup. 😊

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